Core Values


For over 50 years American Radiology Associates has improved the field of radiology with groundbreaking insight and improvement while setting an example in exceptional patient care and attention.

We stand apart from the competition because we strive to be preeminent within the field of radiology.

Preeminence in Radiology

Preeminence, as we define it, is excellence in radiology that is practiced in a way that is not easily emulated by others. You know that you have achieved preeminence in the marketplace when you are able to maintain what others are attempting to achieve. Our unique blend of academic and private practice radiology, as well as our deep heritage of teaching and research, create synergies that our patients can take advantage of by using our services.

Plainly put, your doctor can only treat you expertly if he or she has expert diagnostic information at their fingertips, and ARA provides that expert information to our referring clinicians and to you. It is our goal at ARA to utilize our unique group structure to create a preeminent radiology private practice group, to the benefit of our patients and our communities.

Our Core Values

ARA’s outstanding reputation is earned due to our unwavering commitment to these values:

  • Group 35

    Patient focused

  • Group 35

    Concentration on teaching and research

  • Group 35

    Superior subspecialized capability

  • Group 35

    Service excellence

  • Group 35

    Work environment where all colleagues are highly valued

Want to Learn More?

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