Cardiovascular Imaging


We believe that using noninvasive cardiovascular imaging where possible — including CT and MR imaging of the heart and vascular system — is critical for managing patient comfort. Noninvasive imaging techniques, when performed by knowledgeable and compassionate staff members, can limit risk and minimize pain and recovery time for patients.

Each highly qualified radiologist within the ARA Cardiovascular (CV) Imaging division offers a specific set of skills that ensures each patient has a comprehensive, collaborative team available to assist them.

Cardiovascular Scans and Imaging Technology

Our CV Imaging division provides imaging for a broad spectrum of cardiovascular and vascular conditions. As such, we use only the most advanced equipment and technology available, including 8-, 16-, and 64-row helical CT scanners and two MR systems optimized for cardiovascular applications. Specifically, our CV Imaging division performs many peripheral CT angiography procedures including:

  • Group 35

    CT aortography for the evaluation of aortic trauma

  • Group 35

    Aortic aneurysms and aortic stent grafts

  • Group 35

    CT runoff angiography for the evaluation of claudication and lower extremity ischemia

  • Group 35

    Carotid CT angiography

Cardiovascular Imaging - The ARA Difference

With our highly-skilled and experienced cardiovascular imaging team and our high-tech equipment, we can provide the highest level of diagnostic and imaging services to our clients.


The cardiovascular specialty team is on the cutting edge of cardiovascular scans and imagery, using only the latest in sophisticated technology for precise and accurate imaging.


Hand in hand with a variety of dedicated CV imaging software, our scanning technology represents the most innovative diagnostic solutions for conditions affecting cardiovascular health.


As leaders and innovators in the field of cardiovascular imaging, we are actively pursuing cardiac CT as a modality for the evaluation of wall motion abnormalities, congenital defects, and masses.

ARA’s Academic Advantage

We place a high regard on the compilation and dissemination of information in the interest of furthering the science of cardiovascular imaging and diagnostics. The more we understand about cardiovascular and vascular health and the technologies that support it, the more we can offer patients comprehensive care, swift and accurate diagnoses, and appropriate and effective treatments.

In our constant quest for this information, we perform and share the results of a number of cardiac MRI exams for clinical and research studies, including analysis of ischemic heart disease, congenital defects, cardiac masses, and right ventricular dysplasia.


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