Breast Imaging


Breast Imaging is one of the most complex specialties in all of radiology. Numerous studies have been published evaluating early detection of breast cancer and the performance of radiologists who perform breast imaging. Subspecialty training and experience is essential in providing women the best possible care. What this means for our patients and for our referring physicians is that specific expertise in breast imaging matters.

American Radiology Associates defines this as its core principle in Breast Imaging. Staffed with fellowship-trained, experienced breast imaging physicians, the Breast Imaging Division of ARA provides unparalleled care with the highest level of expertise. Our physicians are actively involved in innovative research and have been nationally published and recognized for their work. We are actively involved in patient care throughout the Metroplex at facilities that offer state-of-the-art technologies in breast imaging, including advanced breast imaging and biopsy techniques with 2D and 3D (tomosynthesis) mammography, ultrasound, and MRI.

Beyond patient care, we also believe strongly in sharing our expertise with our peers, colleagues and our patients. We are directly responsible for training the next generation of Breast Imagers with a very active, highly sought after residency and fellowship program in breast imaging. We are active in educational programs for both women in the community and our referring providers. We are the experts that train the experts.

Our goal is to provide tertiary-level breast care to every patient, regardless of where they are seen. We personally evaluate all of our diagnostic patients and are always available for direct consultation with both our referring physicians and our patients. For diagnostic evaluations, we give patients their results at the time of their exam and provide patients instructions as to the next steps in their care.

Full-Spectrum Breast Imaging Center

Our Breast Imaging specialists perform over 150,000 examinations annually across the DFW Metroplex, including at multiple dedicated full-service breast imaging facilities. Our breast imaging expertise crosses the entire spectrum of breast care, including:

  • Group 35

    High resolution 2D and 3D mammography

  • Group 35

    Breast Ultrasound

  • Group 35

    Breast MRI and MRI-guided biopsies and localizations

  • Group 35

    Ultrasound-guided needle localizations and core needle biopsies

  • Group 35

    Stereotactically-guided localizations and biopsies

  • Group 35

    3D tomosynthesis-guided localizations and biopsies

Breast Imaging — the ARA Difference

All of our Breast Imaging specialists work very closely with our colleagues in oncology and surgery to ensure a highly specialized, multidisciplinary team approach to women’s breast health. Patients who require follow-up will find the comprehensive, specialized care that they deserve is readily available through our staff’s special focus on close coordination with other medical disciplines. Also, to insure the highest quality of care, we also continuously monitor our performance to insure that we meet or exceed all national performance standards in Breast Imaging.



The ability to serve our patients quickly is critical. When you have breast health concerns, it’s important to be seen as soon as possible by a fellowship-trained physician with expertise.



To better meet the needs of our patients for quick and convenient exams and consultations, we staff locations across the DFW Metroplex.


You will find the same high-quality care no matter which ARA location you go to for your breast imaging needs.

Continuing Breast Imaging Growth and Education

Besides being a training site for Baylor University Medical Center radiology residents, the Breast Imaging division offers two funded Fellowship positions, ensuring continuous staffing of highly qualified personnel to provide breast imaging radiology and other breast imaging services to our clients.


Want to Learn More?

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