Body Imaging
(Thoracic & Abdominal)


Our Body Imaging division represents over 20 subspecialty Fellowship-trained radiologists covering radiographic/fluoroscopic, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the chest, abdomen, pelvis, and musculoskeletal system.

Our staff has far-reaching areas of expertise, including image-guided biopsies, fluoroscopically guided procedures, women’s imaging, emergency medicine imaging, body MRI, outpatient imaging, oncologic imaging, ultrasound, thoracic radiology, abdominal radiology, and sports medicine imaging.

Body Imaging Expertise Offered In Multiple Settings

In addition to highly trained staff with expertise in a variety of diagnostic and imaging modalities our Body Imaging division covers approximately 50 practice settings, throughout the metroplex including:

  • Group 35

    Care at large tertiary care hospitals

  • Group 35

    Emergency imaging at Level 1 trauma centers

  • Group 35

    Oncologic imaging at cancer hospitals

  • Group 35

    Musculoskeletal imaging at large orthopedic practices

  • Group 35

    General outpatient imaging at several full-service outpatient imaging centers in the Dallas Metroplex and throughout Texas

ARA’s Standard for Body Imaging Excellence

It takes extensive knowledge and research to provide the standard of excellence ARA seeks to provide.


ARA’s Body Imaging division members cultivate their areas of expertise to expand their knowledge and keep up-to-date with current trends in treatment and advances in technology.


ARA team members have an attention to detail that enhances their understanding across imaging modalities and comprehension across disciplines.


Our team members’ vast knowledge and skills are available on demand through the extensive PACS, an online communication tool for worldwide, real-time consultations.

At the Forefront in Diagnostic Technology & Academics

ARA’s commitment to excellence and progressive adoption of cutting-edge technology enables our experts with highly developed and unique skill sets to offer insight, recommendations, and guidance as well as highly sub-specialized interpretations of individual cases. This kind of individualized review is a plus, particularly for difficult or unusual cases. While we also oversee and interpret exams performed in other cities, our web-based PACS system allows us to underscore our belief that sharing knowledge is key to unique insights and correct diagnoses.

As an adjunct to our work with medical professionals around the country and the world, we also teach radiology Residents and Fellows through daily conferences and participate in regular hospital-based clinical conferences to encourage the promulgation of new ideas.


Want to Learn More?

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