Vascular-Interventional Radiology


Vascular and interventional radiology represents the latest in technologies that promote optimal health outcomes for patients using minimally invasive approaches to diagnosis and treatment. The subspecialty of vascular-interventional radiology, with its emphasis on cutting-edge technologies that focus on minimizing impact, recovery time, and pain for patients is a welcome addition to our family of diagnostic and surgical procedures.

What Is Vascular-Interventional Radiology?

Using cutting-edge imaging-guided methodologies instead of conventional surgery, our vascular-interventional radiology team can treat various disorders using procedures that are usually less traumatic and less costly for the patient compared to surgery. including, but not limited to diseases and disorders of the:

  • Group 35

    Musculoskeletal system

  • Group 35

    Central nervous system

  • Group 35

    Genitourinary system

  • Group 35

    Hepatobiliary system

  • Group 35

    Gastrointestinal system

  • Group 35

    Pulmonary system

Conditions affecting these systems are diagnosed and treated through the use of small tubes (catheters) or other instruments guided by ultrasound, x-ray, or computed tomography (CT) imaging by a qualified member of our staff. In addition, they entail smaller incisions, less pain, and a shorter stay in the hospital (or none at all).

The ARA Approach to Vascular-Interventional Radiology

The vascular-interventional radiology technique adopted by ARA is so revolutionary it’s been dubbed “the surgery of the 21st century,” and continues to supplant many invasive surgical procedures. These vascular-interventional procedures are offered by others in the field of radiology, but ARA’s approach leads the rest with our level of expertise, breadth of experience, and our comprehensive approach to diagnostics and treatment.


Our unique vascular-interventional radiology team is made up of Board-certified, highly experienced physicians, many of them pioneers of these ground-breaking procedures.


Each of our physicians has one or more areas of expertise and special interest, including non-surgical aneurysm repair, stent placement, angioplasty, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, and infertility.


Our multidisciplinary approach to vascular-interventional radiology allows our team to provide more comprehensive and thorough diagnostics and treatment across a wider range of disorders than other radiology centers.

Vascular-Interventional Radiology Academic Pursuits

As always, ARA staff leads the way in education, research, and dissemination of knowledge through our cooperation and coordination with other experts within the medical community. Our commitment to continuing education and perfecting vascular-interventional procedures has led to our reputation as valuable contributors to the ongoing research and training in the area of vascular-interventional radiology.


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