Musculoskeletal Imaging


Our Musculoskeletal (MSK) Imaging division is uniquely positioned in the world of MSK imaging, as many of our staff members trained with leading experts in bone and joint imaging.

In fact, many of the nation’s finest radiologists have received their medical education through ARA, allowing us to offer a multidisciplinary staff that can coordinate across subspecialties.

MSK Imaging Across Modalities and Disorders

ARA’s musculoskeletal practice uses all radiologic modalities, with particular expertise in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and MRI arthrography (MRI performed after a joint is injected with contrast). Subspecialty expertise is available in a wide variety of orthopedic and rheumatologic imaging areas including:

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    Sports medicine

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    Bone and soft tissue tumors

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    Metabolic bone disease

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Musculoskeletal Imaging From ARA

A large percentage of our current caseload involves sports-related injuries of the knee, shoulder, ankle, hip, elbow, and wrist.
In fact, our renowned Musculoskeletal division has the distinction of having provided care to many collegiate
and professional sports organization.

While we have a lot of experience and a strong focus on sports-related injuries, our expertise extends into every area of musculoskeletal imaging. All of our locations practice MSK imaging and several offer special procedures for rare or unique cases.


Procedures include MRI and computed tomography (CT), arthrography, diagnostic joint aspirations, therapeutic joint injections, and bone tumor biopsies.


Our unique teleradiology service allow us to receive exams electronically for subspecialty-level interpretation. With this tool we can review exams and offer diagnoses from anywhere.


Our comprehensive approach and worldwide accessibility enables communication between experts which in turn allows for fast, accurate diagnoses - all factors that lead to ARA’s excellence.

An Emphasis on Leading-Edge Learning

Through our Fellowship program at Baylor University Medical Center, we have trained many musculoskeletal radiologists who have gone on to work with the world’s experts in MSK imaging and are currently at the cutting edge of MSK diagnostic technology. In addition, we have Fellowship-trained MR radiologists who also participate in MSK imaging, giving patients and their physicians an added layer of knowledge and diagnostic expertise. Through our ongoing support of the Fellowship program, we renew our commitment to stay current on emerging imaging and diagnostic technologies across specialties, including MSK imaging.

In keeping up with current medical trends and the sharing of ideas, several multidisciplinary conferences are held monthly, where our musculoskeletal radiologists coordinate patient care and consult with regional orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, oncologists, and pathologists. Our MSK Imaging division has published multiple journal articles and book chapters and performs peer review for the American Journal of Roentgenology.


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