Oncological Imaging


ARA has an extensive, worldwide network of highly trained, knowledgeable staff that is able to provide oncology imaging for all organ systems. This is particularly important when a patient presents with multisystem involvement.

Our oncological imaging team’s ability to provide access to numerous imaging and diagnostic modalities allows for faster and more accurate diagnoses. That, in turn, leads to more rapid treatment that results in better outcomes, both short- and long-term.

Oncological Imaging from ARA

Through our sophisticated, interconnected network, we’re able to provide support to numerous medical and surgical oncology practices including several statewide offices of Texas Oncology, P.A. When you come to ARA for oncological imaging support you can expect:

  • Group 35

    Quick, effective oncologic imaging is performed at all locations

  • Group 35

    Reading off-site exams using ARA’s web-based PACS system

  • Group 35

    Experienced radiologists who specialize in oncology imaging

  • Group 35

    Accurate and collaborative diagnostic offerings for physicians and patients

Oncological Imaging — the ARA Difference

More than any other disease, cancer is universally terrifying to patients. That’s why we believe in not just hiring well-trained oncological imaging staff, but also coaching them so they can balance their knowledge with compassion and personable support. The balance of expertise with care is one of the reasons physicians and patients alike prefer ARA when facing some of the most difficult challenges in cancer diagnosing and treatment.


Our caring and respectful approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment support means we have a personal connection with patients and a stellar reputation within the medical community.


ARA’s relationships benefit our oncology team by allowing effective collaboration across multiple channels for swift diagnoses and identification of the optimal treatments.


More importantly, this process benefits the end user — the patient who relies on the ability of medical professionals to share information and coordinate treatment across specialties.

Academic Oncological Imaging

At ARA, we share our oncologic imaging knowledge in various educational settings, such as our own Fellowship program. Our program exposes accepted Fellows to a wide variety of clinical pathology that makes them highly sought-after team members in medical practices around the world. We also make it a priority to participate in oncology-related research, including liver tumors studies and chemotherapy research.

We feel connection is key – whether it’s through the internet or personal contact, we’re always available for our partners, physicians, and patients as we work together to determine the most effective treatments while never giving up on finding a cure.


Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in ARA’s radiology services or partnership, please contact us for further details.