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American Radiology Associates is a full-service, multifaceted, subspecialized radiology practice committed to providing the highest quality patient care with a deep commitment to service excellence, teaching, and academics.

We strive to be an organization where every member can reach their full professional potential and enjoy a fulfilling medical career. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare – build your career with us!


Our Vision

ARA’s vision is to be the pre-eminent subspecialized independent private radiology practice. We believe that physician leadership and governance are essential to promoting partner expertise, next-generation leadership development and the advancement of our teaching programs. This will enable ARA to provide exceptional care to our patients and referring physician partners.

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Current Job Openings

Advancing Careers, Advancing Healthcare

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Body Imaging

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Diagnostic Radiologist

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Breast Imager

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Emergency Radiologist

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2025 & 2025 Fellowship Graduates

Amazing Opportunities Await in the DFW Metroplex!

Situated in the heart of Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex boasts a thriving healthcare community eager to welcome professionals like you!

There's a good reason why everyone seems to be moving to Texas these days. Beyond career growth, DFW offers you and your family an exceptional quality of life.  Enjoy the benefits of living in Texas – no state income tax, lower cost of living compared to other big cities, and a sunny climate to enjoy year-round. DFW offers the amenities of a dynamic metropolitan region and family-friendly suburbs. Its central location and large international airport also make travel easy.

With deep knowledge of the area, we can guide you toward suitable neighborhoods, housing options, and amenities that cater to your lifestyle and professional requirements. Join us, and together, we'll shape the future of healthcare in our vibrant community.

Why American Radiology Associates?

Uplifting Careers Through Guidance and Growth

ARA is a physician-owned and managed group. We take pride in fostering a dynamic and supportive learning environment and making decisions based on the well-being of our staff.

Our mentorship program is a cornerstone of our commitment to professional development. Seasoned radiologists and healthcare experts with extensive experience in the field guide and nurture the talents of our staff, empowering each member with abundant growth opportunities.

Through one-on-one interactions, ongoing feedback and collaborative projects, we not only enhance the capabilities of our members but also elevate the level of care and expertise we offer to our patients.


Employee Perks & Benefits

  • Group 76

    Generous PTO

  • Group 76

    Individual & Family Health Insurance

  • Group 76

    Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Group 76

    Life Insurance

  • Group 76

    Long-Term Disability Income Benefits

  • Group 76

    Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

  • Group 76

    $7,500 Relocation Reimbursement

  • Group 76

    401k Plan

  • Group 76

    Commencement Bonus

Our Core Values

Physician-Owned and Managed Group Driven by Excellence

Our core values inform every aspect of our operations and patient care. At ARA, our commitment to compassion, integrity, and teamwork shape the culture of our workplace and guide us in our duties.

  • Group 35


    Our commitment to quality patient care permeates every facet of our practice, from our experienced and caring healthcare professionals to our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Group 35


    We recognize that being receptive and responsive to change is crucial to meeting our patients’ evolving needs. Our flexibility and readiness for the unpredictable enable us to become an adaptable, resilient organization. 

  • Group 35

    Shareholder Value

    ARA Partners and business staff are dedicated to protecting and growing shareholder value to be competitive within regional and national standards. By making decisions in the best interest of our group, we build lasting shareholder trust and satisfaction.

  • Group 35

    Professional Environment

    Demonstrating kindness and respect in all our interactions is a core part of our culture. By being professional, flexible, and supportive of one another, we deliver the most compassionate care to those we serve.

  • Group 35


    We leverage cutting-edge technological innovations and provide robust technical support across the organization. In doing so, we empower our members and set the standard for efficient and quality patient care.  

Our Recruitment Process

We have developed a thoughtful recruitment process designed to help us identify talented individuals
who are an ideal fit for our culture and open roles.


Submit Your Application


Send us your application and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to schedule your interview to determine if you’re the right match for the role.


In-Person Interview


You’ll meet with the ARA team in Dallas. The in-person interview is a two-way assessment for both parties, allowing us to evaluate your qualifications and cultural fit.


Jumpstart Your Career with ARA

After accepting an offer to join our organization, you’ll meet our ARA physicians, leadership and medical students and begin onboarding.

Together, Let Us Move Healthcare Forward

At ARA, our people are our greatest asset. We invest in our members’ professional development, encourage work-life balance, and promote a positive work environment.
Grow your skills and career with an organization that values you!
Join us and work alongside expertly-trained physicians, healthcare experts, and support staff who are passionate about their work.