Magnetic Resonance Imaging


ARA’s Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) division operates within our larger Body Imaging group and includes radiologists with Fellowship training exclusively relating to body MRI.

The singular focus of our practicing radiologists allows them to find and interpret even the subtle changes on magnetic resonance imaging scans. The specialized expertise of our MRI team members means clearer and more thorough interpretations for both patients and doctors that translate into earlier treatment options and better outcomes.

Setting the Bar for Cutting-Edge Technology

Among the ARA team, we use magnetic resonance systems from all major magnetic resonance equipment vendors throughout the industry, including GE, Siemens, and Phillips systems. In particular, high-field 3T systems with high-performance gradients for cardiovascular applications open new avenues for patients.

For example, magnetic resonance systems that can accommodate large patients as well as those designed for the needs of claustrophobic individuals can increase patient cooperation, reduce stress, and increase the accuracy of scans.

Beyond Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ARA’s core beliefs include a conviction that combined knowledge means better results.


Virtually all of the body imaging division team read body MRI cases and receive consultation from the MRI division, especially for difficult cases.


ARA regularly contributes to research, studies, and cooperative efforts by the medical industry to advance MRI within the field of radiology.


Our goal is to further expand the use of MRI to better serve the patient and offer advanced options for preventative and curative measures.

Academic Involvement in MRI Advancement

In the interest of staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, ARA’s MRI division also trains Fellows in our specialized Fellowship program with Baylor University Medical Center.

Through the Fellowship program, ARA continually provides new and emerging talent with the education and highly specialized knowledge necessary to take their specialty to new heights.


Want to Learn More?

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