Diagnostic Neuroradiology


Neuroradiology is a complex field requiring a high level of subspecialized expertise and technical sophistication. Diagnostic neuroradiology subspecialty is focused on treating patients with complex disorders of the brain, spine, head, and neck.

Our staff of dedicated neuroradiologists embody the skills necessary to take diagnostic neuroradiology to the next level. Our Fellowship-trained neuroradiologists offer specific skill sets in each of the specialized areas of neuroradiology to address the issues involved in imaging these parts of the body.

Diagnostic Neuroradiology Procedures

Among our diagnostic modalities, we include both invasive and noninvasive radiologic procedures to give patients the widest range of choices. These include:

  • Group 35

    Cerebral angiography

  • Group 35


  • Group 35

    CT imaging

  • Group 35

    MR imaging

  • Group 35

    Plain film radiography related to the head, brain, neck, and spine

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    MR spectroscopy

  • Group 35

    MR and CT perfusion

  • Group 35

    Diffusion tensor imaging/tractography

  • Group 35

    Functional MR imaging

  • Group 35

    PET imaging of cranial, spinal, head, and neck neoplasms

  • Group 35

    Advanced brain tumor imaging

  • Group 35

    Advanced skull base imaging

  • Group 35

    Biopsies of spinal, paraspinal, and neck lesions

Diagnostic Neuroradiology — the ARA Difference

Not only do we retain only the most highly trained physicians, but we approach the imaging needs of our patients in a consultative and collaborative manner with our referring physicians. This emphasis on collaboration and teamwork encourages the sound medical decision-making ARA is known for, guaranteeing diagnostic accuracy and better outcomes for our patients.


All staff members have diverse backgrounds, including clinical and educational experience in the basic clinical neurosciences, such as neurosurgery, neurology, neuropathology, and more.


We provide expertise in basic radiological sciences such as radiation and MR physics, radiation biology, and the pharmacology of radiographic contrast materials.


Our division members strive to advance diagnostic accuracy and contribute to the development of innovative therapies through a commitment to education and research.

Academic Diagnostic Neuroradiology

Our staff are active participants in inter-departmental conferences, institutional conferences, local extramural conferences and national meetings. In keeping with this philosophy, our postgraduate training program encourages preparing clinical or pathologically proved cases for inclusion in institutional teaching files and leads residents in daily film-reading sessions to assist with diagnostic conclusions.

Residents and staff members are encouraged to undertake discussion of recent medical literature and to participate in investigative studies so that we may remain at the forefront of advancing technology.


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